Fantastic Farmer’s Market Features: The Nut Bakery!

Why, hey there Rams and Future Rams! Hope you got a chance to try the farmer’s market feature last week (if you missed it you can find it here). This week the Fantastic Farmer’s Market Features continue with The Nut Bakery!!


Did you know that you could bake exclusively with nuts?! Well The Nut Bakery is the only bakery in the ENTIRE WORLD that uses exclusively nuts for baking! All of their baking is gluten free, and most of it is also dairy free! To add to the awesomeness, it is all natural too! So,  I had to stop by the Nut Bakery to see this with my own eyes. While I was there I asked them the following questions:

1. If someone had to try one item from your stand, what would it be? 

They recommended one their all-nut snacks. They’re not only delicious and sweet, but very nutritious; great for studying, great for carrying yourself through class, quiet to eat in class, and not too messy!


2. What do you love about the Ryerson Farmers Market?

They love the people! They believe that Ryersonian’s are very friendly, they’re very curious, and they’re very loyal. Their customers come back week after week, and they’re very, very supportive. They really appreciate the Ryerson community!

So that’s it folks! That’s the “what’s the what” about The Nut Bakery! Be sure to check out their website. I’m sure you’ll go nuts over The Nut Bakery (pun intended).

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