Fantastic Farmer’s Market Features – Marigold’s Maple Syrup

Another lovely summer week, another lovely summer farmer’s market feature! This week I visited Marigold’s Maple Syrup!


Brian Hamilton’s Marigold’s Maple Syrup sells a variety of yummy tasty syrups to fix your sugar cravings! The company is situated out of Simcoe, Ontario and has been around for 20 years! That’s a LOT of maple syrup! When I visited Brian at his stand, not only did I try a sample of his AMAZING syrup, but I asked him the following questions:

1. If someone had to try one item from your stand, what would you suggest?

Brian suggested the Amber maple syrup, and in my opinion, I totally agree! It was so delicious and I could just imagine it on my morning waffles!

image (1)

2. What do you love about The Ryerson Farmer’s Market?

Brian loves the diversity of the community at Ryerson and how exciting campus is! He says that there is always new and interesting people visiting his stand!

Overall, my visit to Marigold’s Maple Syrup was definitely a sugar-filled and delicious one! Stay tuned for next week’s feature!



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