Fantastic Farmer’s Market Features: Bees Are Life

Why, hey there Rams and Future Rams! Hope you got a chance to try the farmers market feature last week (if you missed it it’s here). This week the Fantastic Farmer’s Market Features continue with Bees Are Life!


Bees Are Life was founded by Cathy Kozma, who is a member of the Toronto Beekeepers Cooperative. This company was started as an educational and cooperative honey to both educate people about honey as well as sell a collection of honeys! Bees Are Life carries a selection of honeys from independent hives all over Southern Ontario.

photo 1

After sampling some of their scrumptious honeys, I asked Bees Are Life the following questions:

1. If someone had to try one thing from you stand, what would it be?

Cathy’s favourite honey is Toronto based honey! She loves the taste of it but, she believes that honey is a personal taste, and you definitely have to try all of the varieties to see what you like!

2. What do you love about the Ryerson Farmer’s Market?

Bees are Life loves being at the Ryerson Farmer’s Market because they love the downtown vibe that our campus has! It’s great for interaction with Toronto and Ryerson community members, and this interaction allows them to educate as many people as possible!

For more information about Bees Are Life, check out their website or twitter (@BeesAreLife)!

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