Fantastic Farmer’s Market Features: Albion Hills Farm

I had to do my feature this week on Albion Hills Farm because when I walked past their stand on my lunch hour, my mouth watered when I saw the delicious smoked meats!


Albion Hills Farm stand sells European smoked meats. There farm is located in Palgrave, Ontario and has been around for 24 years! I took the time to stop by the stand and ask some questions about their yummy products! I asked the following questions during my visit:

1. If someone had to try one item from your stand, what would it be?

I was told that the Italian Cacciatore Sausage is deeeeelicious! It’s an Italian sausage that is infused with garlic and wine, and it can satisfy all of your meat-y cravings!

image (2)

2. What do you love about the Ryerson Farmer’s Market?

Albion Hills Farm loves visiting Ryerson at our weekly farmer’s market because they love meeting all the unique faces on our campus and just bringing awareness to eating local and healthy!

Now that your mouth’s are watering and your tummy’s are grumbling, I’ll end this blog quickly so you (and I) can grab a quick snack. But make sure that you stay tuned for next week and the next amazing farmer’s market feature!


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