How NOT To Fall Behind

A couple of weeks into the semester and you’re noticing the readings piling up, have midterms every week and then a whole bunch of papers due out of nowhere! The worst thing I’ve done is slacking off for the first couple of weeks because I thought I would be able to catch up. So I’ve complied my list of the most important things to do to not fall behind. Start off strong and keep going, once you’re on a roll it’s quite easy to stay on track.

1)      Know when your classes are (dates, and times). This is super important! Let’s say you’re schedule is anything like mine with a Monday morning class at 9am and then a 7 hour break until the next one at 6pm. This break could be used to get your readings done for the class at 6 pm and to review anything you don’t quite understand. Planning ahead and scheduling regular weekly study sessions helps a lot. If you’re already behind dedicate and extra hour a day or night to getting yourself back on track

2)      Talk to your professors and friends. Lots of times it’s frustrating to be behind and not understand concepts. Visiting your professor during office hours or by appointment is a perfect way to clear up any concepts or things you’re unsure of without all the stressing and nail biting to figure it out by yourself. Exchanging notes with friends about a class may also help you view things the professor mentioned from a different perspective.

3)      Never skip class! Believe me, this one may seem tempting especially when you have something due for another class the next day. Trust me, it’s like taking one step forward and 10 steps back… Totally not worth it!

4)      Hand in everything on time! There’s nothing more brutal than having 10% of your possible final assignment grade drop per day because it’s a couple hours late. Always, always, and always prioritize any exams, assignments, and papers due.


Remember, Ryerson holds over 28,000 undergrad students and 2,300 graduate students so you’re definitely not the only one struggling with these problems. Keep your head up high and know you can do anything you set your mind to!

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