Fact vs. Fiction – Ted Rogers School of Management

Are you think about accepting your offer to the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM)? Not sure if everything you’ve heard is true? Let me clear up some questions in this fact vs. fiction – Ted Rogers School of Management edition.

Fiction: All Your Classes Have Math

Now, keep in mind you will have to take a math class here or there, some majors more than others (sorry Economics and Accounting & Finance!) but it’s not your regular old calculus and vectors. You’ll learn how to apply simple BEDMAS calculations to real-world problems without having to worry about y=mx+b. You’ll also have the opportunity to take other business courses focusing on areas other than math like Hospitality & Tourism, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and more!

Fact: Business In The Front

Business students like to act and look the part – and who could blame them! When you’re walking into the Ted Rogers School of Managment you’ll find a lot of students dressed to the nines in their favourite suits and blouses. With the business and finance district just down the street, they’re ready to take on the world of business.

Fiction: They’re All LinkedIn Premium Pros

I’m sure a lot of TRSM students would like to think this is true, and maybe for some of them it is! Don’t be discouraged about getting yourself ready for graduation right away and solely focusing on filling up your resumé. Enjoy your years and take time to figure out where in the business sector you really want to go, recruiters will be waiting for you when you’re ready!

Fact: Party In The Back

Ted Rogers School of Management also has a huge amount of student groups, clubs, societies and conferences under their belt if you’re looking to get involved. Even business kids need a break sometimes, and what better way to do so than with a case competition and something new to add to your already loaded resumé?

Fiction: You Can’t Be Creative

Just like many of the other programs at Ryerson you have the ability to take time to pursue different interests. Many students are working on their own start-up companies and creative side hustles while in school because it’s something they enjoy and are empowered to do through their programs with all the great resources around campus. You’re also allowed to take a Faculty of Communication and Design course or two if you really would like!

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