Fact vs. Fiction – Faculty of Arts

Thinking of accepting an offer from Ryerson’s Faculty of Arts? With so many programs in the faculty sometimes they can all get lumped together under a few different kinds of stereotypes. Let’s sort some of those out, shall we?

Fact: Arts Students Have Some of the Highest Post-Grad Employment Rates

It’s a fact! For some reason, there’s a rumour going around that Arts students aren’t getting jobs after graduation? Arts students are all around us in roles in government, journalism, education, professional writing, human resources, public relations and more. Bonus, the Faculty of Arts is the only one to host double majors at Ryerson!

Fiction: All Arts Courses Are Easy

As someone who’s taken a few Arts courses in politics, philosophy and history, these are not the bird courses you think they might be! These courses are loaded with cold hard facts, theories, significant dates and more for you to memorize. You’re expected to be able to not only know current events but the history and reasoning behind them, so don’t sleep on these programs!

Fact: Those Who Fail to Learn From History Are Doomed to Repeat It

A few seem to think that what Arts students are learning isn’t relevant or necessary today? Lest we forget that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it, and it seems like some of us currently need that reminder. Arts students are definitely learning more than just history but all of their programs draw on it in order to prepare them to think critically for the future.

Fiction: All Arts Students Love Student Politics

Arts and politics go hand in hand right? Wrong. Not all Arts students are hopping on the bandwagon for student politics and government clubs. In fact, a lot of students choose to participate in politics by holding their own special topic nights, poetry slams and moving screenings on campus!

Fact: There’s A Lot of Readings

Sad, but true. From Sociology to Politics to English and everything in between you bet you got a lot to catch up on. Although there’s a lot to read, that also means there’s a lot to learn. Arts students are here to shape and understand our future though, so don’t be too hard on them.

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