Exploring Toronto: The Harbourfront

It’s no secret that living in a big city can sometimes be overwhelming. Although I love being immersed in the campus environment and the downtown hustle and bustle, I’ve recently discovered how great it is to get away from the concrete surroundings and busy streets for an afternoon of relaxing and taking in some of the most beautiful sights around the city! And there’s no better place to do this than the Harbourfront.

For my urban and regional planning class, one of our assignments was to create a tour for a Toronto neighbourhood, then swap tours with another group and visit their district. We were lucky enough to get the Harbourfront as our tour destination and spend the three hours of our usual lecture time finding the different creative focal points of the area!

It’s easy to forget that Toronto is a lakeshore city with a lovely and thriving waterfront area. This serene pedestrian hotspot has already become one of my favourite places to visit in the city, and it’s conveniently only a twenty minute walk from Ryerson! There’s boats, cruises, walking paths, trees, parks, stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and even a beach area with umbrellas and chairs to soak up the sun! (where i’ll definitely be hanging out in the warmer months).

So make sure you set time aside to travel outside of the Ryerson campus and visit different neighbourhoods and niches in this amazing city. You can always check back here throughout the year for more neighbourhood highlights as I continue to explore Toronto!

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