What To Expect From First Year

My first year in Media Production at Ryerson is now over, and after having completed one year in the Creative Industries program last year, I’ve been able to pick up on some critical first year experiences that you’ll encounter in year 1 of your program, as well as the typical emotions you’ll go through during the first 8 months of your university career! Here’s what you can expect from first year.


At first, you’ll be super excited once you actually start university…

giphy (65)


It’ll take time to adjust to the transition from high school, and you’ll rebel from your usual scholarly attitude…

giphy (61)

giphy (62)


You’ll go through periods of wanting to eat until you pass out….

giphy (64)

giphy (78)


You’ll be on the grind to get all your work done…

giphy (67)

giphy (72)


But you’ll also meet your new best friends!!!

giphy (75)

giphy (73)

giphy (76)


You’ll have some spectacular professors…

giphy (63)


And you’ll change in ways you never imagined…

giphy (66)


By the end of the year, you’ll tap into your hidden confidence and own it…giphy (60)

giphy (70)


Basically, you’ll be having the best time of your life with your new squad…

giphy (71)

giphy (69)

And mostly importantly, you’ll learn so many new things that your brain will explode!!!

giphy (68)

First year can be intimidating, but you’re in for a great ride. I wish I could do it all again, but it’s time for me to move on to second year Media Production, and have a whole new set of experiences! I hope you all have a wonderful summer and thank you for sticking with WhyRyerson! See you next year!

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