Exam SZN – As Described by Current Ryerson Students

Exams. Some of them have you feeling like this:

giphy (24)

Others like this:
giphy (26)
I asked current Ryerson students what is one sentence that describes exams for them, here were my results:

“Long, very long.”

“Exciting, because school is almost over!”

“A bittersweet ending.”

“Omg lol”

“…I don’t have any, so pretty chill.”

“It’s like the last leg of a marathon, exhausting but feeling accomplished when you finish!”

“I would say its crunch time!”

“It can be hard to find balance when there is always work to be done.”

“Eating more food than actually studying”

“During exams, I do a little bit of everything and A LOT of nothing”

So, if you’re looking for some anecdotes for this study stress, check out my blog on Study Breaks!

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