Everything I’ve Dreamed of in Canada

I was born in Trinidad and Tobago, but my familial origins made me want to discover Canada. I grew up in a rural area back home, so I decided to challenge myself and went to one of the most livable cities in the world, Toronto. This eventually led me applying to Ryerson University to study Electrical Engineering. This program really allows me to bring theory into practice. I enjoy building circuits and being able to code programs to make the impossible, possible. I also have a great passion for cricket. Being a part of Ryerson’s team has allowed me to form bonds and connections both on and off the field. This has been a key highlight and the foundation of my Ryerson experience. Challenging my comfort zone has made me independent, self-sufficient and a well-rounded individual.  However, stepping into a new environment also has its downfalls. It can be such as culture shock, and there can be a feeling of loneliness caused by being away from close friends and family.

My mother and me

Coming to Canada, I wanted to continue doing what I love: play cricket. Due to my accomplishments in various tournaments, I’ve was drafted to the A team for Team Canada.  My dream of being a professional cricket athlete was something I held onto while studying at Ryerson. In 2017 the university’s team, won the American College Cricket Tournament, which is the biggest tournament in North America for post-secondary institutions. Today, being part of Ryerson’s team has connected me to school, and allowed me grow and develop.

The Ryerson cricket team, my second family.

My grandfather was the reason why I chose to study Electrical Engineering. I was inspired by his passion for the work and wanted to pursue the same path. Being part of the engineering program is intense. However, Ryerson offers a lot of resources both academically and socially, which has enabled me to do well in all my courses. The main challenge for me was missing a lot of classes and exams due to cricket tournaments outside of Canada. Ryerson has given me the help I need to be able to be academically stable, and the professors and TAs have been supportive throughout my university journey.

I also work a part-time job at the Good Food Centre for Ryerson’s Student Union at the Equity Service Centre. Doing so has provided me with the opportunity to balance both my academics and social responsibilities. This job has given me a chance to give back to the student community in a holistic sense. It’s very self-fulfilling to work in a place that makes you bring out your inner passions to tackle food insecurity, to bond with the community on an interpersonal level and to build strong connections.

Working at the Good Food Centre

My advice to everyone is never be afraid to ask for help. At times, it can feel intimidating, but resources are there for you, so make use of them and be proactive. I am truly grateful for the experiences and opportunities here. I believe that Ryerson is the place where I will discover the real me and become something better.

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