Every Tim Hortons on Campus

Early morning classes occasionally need to be supported by a morning coffee, and back-to-back three hour classes sometimes require a mid-way bagel break to ensure your stomach doesn’t go insane. Ryerson has a campus filled with Tim Hortons locations, and I am about to show you all of them so you can pick which one is in the best location for your time of need.

AMC Building, Basement

Breakfast until 1pm! Innovation!

Atrium on Bay, Lower floor near Dundas Station entrance

Always has a long line at this one, but it moves fast during rush hour. There are four cashiers, so just go to the shortest line.

Victoria Street

Easily the most crowded location but conveniently located beside the Victoria Building. Pick the shortest line and go.

Podium-to-Kerr (Library Building) bridge

This timmies is self-serve, which makes it a bit faster than normal – and it also has a microwave beside it!

The Hub

This timmies has everything you need plus an entire cafeteria around it. Want coffee and a custom pasta? Come here.

RCC Bridge (in Kerr Hall)

A longer line than most makes this location a bit slower, but it serves more than just timmies goods. There are some basic salads and other drinks. Sometimes their machines are down, so bring cash if you want to get through fast!

George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre

The timmies on the ground level of the engineering building is a fast and easy way to get your caffeine boost while sprinting to your next class!

TRSM 7th floor

Pretty snappy, and it serves more than timmies goods, letting you get a nice array of things. They make bagels really fast.

Eaton Centre food court

Very fast and convenient if you’re walking through the PATH from Union Station to campus! The line is usually long, but being in the Eaton Centre makes this location quick and efficient.

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