Events & Workshops: International Student Edition

If you’re an international student like me and plan on studying in Canada, you’ll have to apply for a study permit very soon! But that may not be the end. Especially if you wish to extend your studies here, join the co-op program or wish to stay after graduation.

Although it’s a lot of applications and a lot of work, we have nothing to worry about because there’s a one-stop-shop at Ryerson for all of this: International Student Support (ISS). They ensure we have all the tools and resources required to smoothly tackle any and all paperwork and applications required for our stay in Canada.

Take a look at some of the events and workshops they host down below!

Immigration Insights

In pursuit of becoming a co-op student, I have had to apply for the co-op permit twice and need to soon apply for an extension of my original study permit. This can seem like a difficult and tedious process but thanks to the ISS at Ryerson, I have never had to go through figuring the applications out by myself.

They host weekly and bi-weekly information sessions about Study Permits, Post Graduation Work Permits, Co-op, Permanent Residence. These are extremely helpful in understanding what documents are needed for the different kinds of applications, when to submit them, and how to begin the application. They also answer common questions that come up during these applications.


Talk Series

They also have a monthly series called “Let’s Talk” to allow students to connect with friends, share stories, and explore different areas of learning. They’ve had topics ranging from Health and Well-Being, Money, Studies and more!

I know I for one, can use help with managing and balancing my money, studies and health!



Last, but not least, they also have fun socials and mixers throughout the year to foster a strong community for international students.

For example, they have an International Graduate Student Mixer for graduate students to meet, network with each other as well as faculty members, on-campus support service providers and alumni in a fun, relaxed environment.

They have fun Thanksgiving lunches for students, Winter Socials, Game Nights with pizza and board games and above all, they offer Urban Adventure Tours to exciting places like the Toronto Island and Riverdale Farm!


I hope this blog provides a little relief and assurance in knowing that you won’t have to do any of the scary ‘international student’ stuff alone. We have all the help that we could need, right here!

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