Event Recap: The Ted Rogers Management Conference

TRMC: A weekend of fun, professionalism and all things Ryerson! If you don’t know, TRMC stands for the Ted Rogers Management Conference. This is the LARGEST (that’s right, largest) student-run, undergraduate conference in Canada, and it is hosted right out of Ryerson’s own Ted Rogers School of Management. This conference is three days long, and takes place in a hotel here in wonderful Downtown Toronto. There’s networking, dancing, workshops, AMAZING food, and everything in between! Here are MY favourite highlights from the weekend:

Multicultural Night!

One of the annual events of this conference is the multicultural night! This is a social night to celebrate how diverse and AWESOME the culture of all of our students are! There’s food from every corner of the world, dancing, performance acts, and it is ALWAYS a good time.

Opening Keynote and ALL the Speakers

Now the opening keynote was my FAVOURITE speaker because he directly related to the industry that I am passionate about, but ALL of the speakers at TRMC were superb! There were CEO’s, entrepreneurs, marketers, lawyers, and any job in between! Not only was it great for networking, but it was amazing to see where I could potentially be in a few years!

The Case Competition

Now the conference isn’t all fun and games, every year there is a case competition with a $$$ prize. This year’s case competition was hosted by the one and only Norm Kelly. That is right THE 6 dad hosted our case comp. Students were given a real world problem to solve and the best case won!

The Gala

Now to end off the weekend, there is a magnificent gala. Not only are we escorted via limo to the gala, but it is a formal night with amaaaazing food held at a beautiful venue every year! This year it was right on the waterfront at Palais Royale, and I can not WAIT to see where it is held next year!

Now I had a different experience then most delegates because I helped to plan this conference, but I can assure you that every year, TRMC is the best weekend of my life.

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