EVENT RECAP: Ryerson Image Centre Fall Exhibitions Opening Party


One of Ryerson’s hidden gems is the art gallery housed at the Ryerson Image Centre. Earlier in September their new exhibition The Edge of the Earth: Climate Change in Photography and Video opened to a room of thunderous applause and quiet contemplation of our world’s changing climate.

The purpose of this exhibition is to draw attention to how our world is being affected by climate change. Glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, temperatures are soaring….but does that really mean anything to us? Sadly, science alone sometimes is not enough to make us care, so lo and behold here come the artists! Photos such as a man in a flooded house, zebras in the arctic, and apocalyptic clouds of billowing smoke will give you climate change feels stronger than the statistics ever have. The art in the gallery is curated from all over the world, making it definitely worth a visit to 33 Gould St!

One of my favourite pieces was a video called Darvaza by French filmmaker Adrien Missika. It has striking images of lava, fire, and smoke with a brilliant soundtrack that lets you hear the roar of the flames. If I were an art major I would offer you a deep analysis but alas I am not, so you will have to see it with your own eyes! The exhibit runs until December 4, so you have all semester to make your way over.

The gallery is free to enter and hosts exhibition tours daily and events throughout the year, so what are you waiting for?! Practice staring at things in a thoughtful way, don a black turtleneck, and get down to the Ryerson Image Centre!

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