Dressing on a Student Budget

Sometimes the student budget has you feeling like this:


But you just want to feel like this:
giphy (3)

Well, have no fear! I am here to give you my top 5 secrets on how to look fly on a dime!

1. Repurpose!
giphy (1)

When your closet is feeling dated, why not jazz up some old clothes into some fresh ‘n fly new digs?! Hit up pinterest and your local craft shop to turn those clothes from drab to fab!

2. Bargain SHOP
Bargain shopping is so key as a student. Why spend hundreds of dollars on something you could get for a fraction of the price?! Make sure you hit up the discount racks and bargain stores!

3. Look for inspiration

Have some magazines lying around? Flip through them for some great inspiration! Sure the pieces they suggest might drain your bank account, but next time you are out shopping, buy pieces that resemble the style you saw! I guarantee that you will be able to find something comparable for less!

4. Shop at key times

This is my biggest tip to ANYONE. It 100 percent can make or break your shopping trip. Depending on the time of day/year, you can get some AMAZING bargains. For example, I always love to shop at off-peak times so the mall is nice and clean and you can scout out the sale racks! Also, it totally pays to wait a few weeks to buy your jazzy new fall/winter clothes because they will go on sale!

5. You do you.
giphy (2)

Regardless of how you wanna dress, just make sure you are doing you. You could be wearing a potato sack, but if you’re rocking it who cares?!

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