Downtown Food – The Senator

Hey guys! Food, food, and more great-tasting food! Today’s post is another addition to the Downtown Food posts, a series where I discuss some of the great restaurants and cuisine that downtown Toronto has to offer. This time I’ll be sharing my experience at The Senator, which is located at 249 Victoria Street (a short walk from the Ryerson Library Building). This restaurant has been around for a while – it is located in a structure that was originally built in the 1860s and officially became a restaurant in 1948.



Mmmmm, deserts…


Their fresh hand squeezed orange juice was refreshing and the crabcakes that I ordered fit my seafood craving handsomely. The guacamole at the side was a bit of a surprise, but I later found out that crab and avocado make a tasty combination. I also had a slice of their chocolate cake – it was a plentiful serving and had a rich taste. You can check out their full menu here.





The Senator can get pretty busy at lunch time! There’s also a little bar at the side of the restaurant. I really liked how there were little tidbits and posters about the history of the restaurant scattered throughout.



65 cents for Lake Trout was a steal.


Our waitress was very polite, funny, and also very talkative – in a good way. Our group had some great conversation with her and the serving experience was pleasant overall. The Senator gives off a very retro feel (complete with retro seating and wall fixtures), for a moment it felt like I was in the Sugar Bowl from the ‘Arthur’ TV series!

I really enjoyed having a meal at The Senator. The food wasn’t the real catch here – it was the atmosphere! Our waitress really made the experience for us. I suggest visiting the joint, especially since it’s so close to campus.

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