Downtown Food – The Burgernator

Hey guys! I’m coming at you today with another addition to my “Downtown Food” series. This series is all about fantastic cuisine and niche restaurants located in downtown Toronto. I love scouting out places to eat in downtown Toronto. That’s one of the best things about going to Ryerson – its so deeply connected to the heart of the city. There’s always a new food joint or two just around the corner! Today I’ll be talking about my experience at The Burgernator.

Located at 269 Augusta Avenue, in the heart of the Kensington Market, The Burgernator is home to some outstanding culinary treats including rocket fries and poutine, a variety of deserts, and (surprise, surprise) an arsenal of burgers. The Kensington Market itself is home to some splendid eateries, but The Burgernator has earned a special place in my heart. I don’t know if its their secret Burgernator Sauce or what, but I often find myself coming back to this restaurant.



Lets just say that you won’t be able to immediately run a 5 K after enjoying a meal at The Burgernator. The fork is your friend.


As expected of a joint that prides itself in being called “The Burgernator,” the menu items have ridiculous and quirky names. Are you interested in getting the “Drop Down & Give Me Spicy,” the “Fully Loaded,” or perhaps the coveted “The Burgernator” burger itself? The general environment and aesthetic look remind me of those awful, over-the-top 1990s action movies. But it has a certain charm to it, and I will give points to the restaurant for aspiring to be a unique experience.

In terms of the food, the burgers are a decent bang for your buck and are generously furnished with a variety of toppings. I personally recommend the “Hasta La Vista, Birdie” burger. The dynamic combination of sauteed field mushrooms and warm, stretchy mozzarella cheese is too enticing to turn down! Their salted caramel milkshake is also a welcome addition to the menu. To check out their full menu, you can head over to their website right here.



“The Explosion” is a deep-fried Mars bar served with vanilla ice cream and topped off with chocolate syrup – also known as diabetes-on-a-plate. But it tastes really good!


Finding adequate seating can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you arrive near lunch hours. But, for what it’s worth, there aren’t many things funnier than seeing your friends struggling to cleave gargantuan burgers with singular bites. I had no complaints about the service and the The Burgernator hosts some very friendly staff. I definitely recommend checking this restaurant out!

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