Downtown Event Spotlight – Comic Con 2014


There is always a cool event happening around Ryerson campus and nearby downtown area! I was in the vicinity of Union Station when I noticed tons, upon tons of people in awesome costumes heading towards the Metro Toronto Convention Center. Curious, I asked one of the cosplayers (Spiderman, to be exact) what the big fuss was all about. As luck would have it, the Toronto Comic Convention 2014 was taking place right at that exact time. I excitedly took out my phone to get some more details about the event and made my way towards the MTCC. Below are some of the pictures from the awesome event!



The usual comic books were to be found in large quantities all around the convention.



T-shirts, t-shirts, t-shirts galore!



No shortage of superhero piggy banks here…



Or (extremely detailed) minatures.



Not to mention  all of the action figures. A Star Wars fan’s dream come true!



Creepy dolls were also in the vicinity, all handmade might I add.



Enthusiastic vendors with great products, such as this sword replica, were abundant.






And great art was everywhere to be found.



This metal bird made out of recycled car parts was especially intriguing.



As were these Harry Potter wand replicas. I bought a Shacklebolt wand!



Of course, it wouldn’t be a comic convention without the presence of Batman. *Cue theme song.*


This Comic Con was my first, but I’d be happy to go to the one next year! The level of energy and creativity in the environment was unreal. One of the great things about being a Ryerson University student is that I get to immerse myself into downtown culture. All pictures were taken with the permission of the vendors and persons in images. Until next time, keep it here at Why Ryerson!

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