Deep dive into the Retail Management program

In the first part of my interview series with Adriana, she told me about Ryerson’s unique Retail Management program, why she applied and how the program has adapted to online learning. If you want to learn more about Retail Management classes, career options and a piece of advice from a fourth-year student, keep on reading!


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Jenna: What is your favourite class that you’ve taken throughout your time in the program?

Adriana: My favourite class has been Retail Private Label, because going into the program I had no idea what private label was. Loblaws has President’s Choice, it’s their brand, that’s what private label is. That class gave us the opportunity to explore that a little bit more and learn more about it. In this private label class, we got to develop a product for President’s Choice, go through the whole journey and the thought process of what do consumers want, what’s going to sell, how can we market it and focusing on different areas.

J: That sounds really cool actually! You just mentioned an assignment that you did in your class. What is another interesting assignment that you’ve completed in the program?

A: In my second-year Category Management class we were given data from Red Bull and Petro Canada on some of their product lines that they had in Petro Canada stores. Our purpose was to find ways to increase sales for Petro Canada and Red Bull, and make it a destination store for these products. That was really interesting because we had judges for the presentation. We presented in front of the Red Bull executives and Petro Canada executives. They also came in at the beginning of class and gave us a good general overview of the product and of their stores. You’re able to reach out, ask questions and work in a team. It was hands-on work experience because we were given data. We also had to be a little bit creative with it because we had to come up with a couple of recommendations, not just one.


A screenshot of the careers that people in the Retail Management program can achieve. Each word has different size and colour. Words include buyer, manager, store planner, coordinator

Adriana’s list of careers a Retail Management student can go into after the program

J: What type of careers can students pursue after completing this program?

A: Retail looks so different now from when I started the program. There’s always new things, new jobs you can go into, and if you want, you can still go into marketing or other facets of the business industry with this degree. A lot of students really want to be buyers or category business analysts. You can be e-commerce merchandisers, buying supply chain and logistics, marketing, you can be even in product coordinating roles. Every class I take, I’m learning about a different type of job out there within the retail industry that sounds really interesting. The opportunities are endless. 

J: What is one piece of advice you have for any students who are interested in entering this program?

A: My piece of advice would be to really pay attention and take advantage of all the guest speakers that come into the classes, and really keep your eye and ear out for what you might want to do. In every class that you take, if something really interests you, explore the option. Always keep your ears out and ask your professors how does this apply to the real world? Take every course as an opportunity to figure out what you can see yourself in, and don’t limit your thinking. Make sure that you’re seeking out opportunities, asking the right questions and staying aware.

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J: Very wise! My last question for you, is why did you choose Ryerson?

A: 100% I just needed to be in a city I love. I love being in Toronto and being on campus. I felt very inspired being able to go into different neighborhoods and going into little shops and local businesses. I also love seeing the Eaton Centre and what kind of promotions are on or what new product lines are in. Just being around Toronto, you get inspired all around. I really love visiting local boutiques, I love going to art museums, I love going to coffee shops and fitness classes. Just being able to explore different areas of myself outside of just being a student was really a lot easier being in the city and Ryerson. Ryerson has so many interesting unique programs, and I think a lot of people who go to Ryerson are seeking out a different style of traditional education. Everybody wants to be around a lot of like-minded people.

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