Dear 18-Year-Old Me: Zoe

For all you applicants (or future Rams!), time will fly between now and your first year. Over the next few weeks, life will change and surprise you A LOT. It may be scary, it may be exciting, so we’ve gotten a few current students to write letters to their 18 year old selves to help you through it. Here’s Zoe and her Ryerson experience:

Dear 18-year-old-new-high-school-graduate-me,

It’s a pretty exciting time for you.

You’ve been accepted into your dream school, in your dream city, for a major you’re actually passionate about. You finally get to enjoy your work, spreading truth throughout the world with writing and all that good stuff. Best of all, you never have to take a math or science class ever again.



As thrilled as you are, I know you’re also extremely anxious. I know you lay awake at night going over every possible detail of your future and all the possible issues you might have.

That’s why I’m here.

I’m writing this letter to you, from the future, so you know what to expect from your first two years at Ryerson University.


I know you’re scared about entering in one of the best journalism schools in Canada. Don’t be.

You will find that as competitive as Ryerson is, it’s also filled with supportive students and professors that will give you the confidence you need to grow as a successful journalist.

Your fear will push you to apply to dozens of internships and attend countless awkward networking events. At times, it will seem tiresome and pointless; keep going.

Over time, your cover letters will improve and your stories for the school newspaper will fill your resué and during your first year you will land an internship with an online magazine.

That internship will turn into a job. A full-fledged, paying job to write articles. Seriously.

You’ll also find that while you still love to write, journalism may not be the only option for you, and that’s OK.

There will be new opportunities that cross your path, opportunities to travel the world by teaching English. This seems like the perfect option. Travel. Teach. Freelance. Whether or not you take this option is still a mystery, I’ve yet to receive a letter from my university graduate self.12769397_10207811872431323_357025354_n

Anyways, the point is to keep your eyes open for new options and avoid being tied down with one specific image of your future.

I know you’re scared about losing friends and making new ones. Don’t be.

Your friends from high school will stay by your side and you will all put in the effort to see each other and to support each other even though you’re hundreds of miles apart.12784369_10207811873031338_731756375_n

You will travel the country to see each other. You will travel Europe together.

You will also make new friends; many new friends, so don’t worry. Your floor will be unbelievably close. The entire floor, all 42 of you, will make a Christmas music video together. You’ll also build a fort in the middle of the night in the common room, order pizza, and watch The Avengers. It’s great.

Your roommates are really, really sweet. You honestly won the lottery with that one. While others end up in heated, passive aggressive feuds with their roomies, you all get along so well that you contemplate starting a girl group together.



I know you’re scared to be on your own. Don’t be.

You know you were raised to be independent. Sure, small town Tecumseh, Michigan with less than nine thousand people may be slightly different than Toronto, but you’ve been waiting your entire life to live in a city. Enjoy it.


For the most part, I’m proud of all that you accomplish, but if there’s one thing I would change it would be all the worrying. I would change all those sleepless nights and exchange them for a good nights rest because at the end of the day, everything is going to be OK and you know that.

Have a little faith in yourself. So far, life at Ryerson is pretty amazing.




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