Dealing with the Flu

It’s flu season! And let me just start off with saying that I had no idea what was coming. I woke up on a Tuesday morning in my warm bed, took a shower, ate breakfast, and watched some Judge Judy as got ready for my 3 o’clock marketing class. I also managed to grab myself a coffee during the break to keep myself energized and alert for the rest of class and beyond! I began to get a stomach ache but decided to blame it on a coffee overdose… until I got home around 8pm that is. That’s when all the exciting stomach flu like symptoms began to take hold. I won’t get into the nitty gritty details because I’m sure you can imagine what it’s like (although I hope you never experience it).

Wednesday was probably the worst day I’ve had in a while filled with body aches, the inability to keep down fluids mixed with the fear of missing class, and being unproductive finally bundled together with my dog aggressively trying to cuddle all day. On the bright side I did have a legitimate excuse to miss school and enjoy a marathon of gossip girl (hehe).

Thursday wasn’t that much better but I was at about 60% of being myself again. I stayed home from school yet another day but this time missed 3 classes. I have to admit I am really uneasy with falling behind in my lectures but I’m sure my stomach thanked me for giving it another day of rest and plain white rice. I stayed most of the day in bed or rolling around on the carpet in front of the TV relaxing and napping.

Today (Friday morning), I finally have my mojo back and am at 95% of myself (YAYYYYYY). One thing I strongly recommend is staying away from cheesecake (should have listened to my mom) even if you’re feeling better because it will knock you back down, and maybe a little bit even further down pushing my wellbeing percentage to 75% (sigh).

Although I was a little sad to be missing class, my professors were super cool and accommodating (minus the participation mark I lost for not showing up to class). Luckily I didn’t miss any assignments or in class group work, but even if I did all I need is a doctor’s note to get into the clear! Plus, my super friends kindly donated their notes to me.

Here are just a few things to keep in mind whether you’re at home with your family, or inside the Ryerson residence with your other second family:

  1. Try and get antiseptic wipes to clean off everything you touch (seriously!). There’s nothing worse than having the whole house or dorm coming down with the sickness.
  2. Get plenty of rest and water. Dehydration will leave you feeling even worse, and the fluids will quickly clear out any bad bacteria lingering around in places it shouldn’t be.
  3. If you do decide to go to class, try and be considerate to others by not sitting beside them until the virus has fully left you (I don’t think I would wish the flu upon my worst enemy….ok…maybe sometimes. Kidding! Unless I’m not…)
  4. Avoid drinking alcohol. It can dehydrate you even further and leave you more prone to infections
  5. If your symptoms aren’t getting better within 48 hours contact your doctor or call the Ryerson medical clinic to set up an appointment (all info can be found here

Health is Wealth! Take care of yourselves guys!

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