How to Deal With University Stress

When you first take the leap from high school to university, there’s going to be a million new and exciting opportunities, adventures, and challenges coming your way all at once, which usually leads to feeling overwhelmed and stressed when it comes to focusing on the most important aspect of university: academics. You’ve most likely experienced anxiety in high school during hectic weeks when you have several projects due at the same time, and while these feelings can increase in university, you are 100% capable of dealing with these pressures and learning how to overcome worry. It’s all about how you react to stress, and how you choose to act on it!

So, when you find yourself feeling like the physical embodiment of these doodles…

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…It’s important to remember that stress is good.

That’s right. What you may not know is anxious feelings help move us into action. If you’re worried about an upcoming assignment, for example, it only means that you care about it and you want to do well, right?! Well, stress is a great motivator and signifier for us to get a head start on our work so that we can put our minds at ease, or to organize our schedule to leave enough time to do our best work. So if you feel your stress level building, remember that it’s totally normal, and is actually a crucial step in achieving success.

Next, once you’ve acknowledged and accepted your stress, you need to find the source of it by talking yourself through exactly what you’re worried about. Is it because you’re confused about how to complete the work? Because you need more time? Or you’re doubting your abilities? I’ve gone through all these emotions over and over again, and the good news is all of these worries have solutions. It’s a strategy called plan, then act. For me, I find it extremely useful to organize myself by inputting all my due dates into a calendar, and writing a weekly schedule of exactly what I have to work on that week on what day. And then all that’s left to do is complete the work.

Finally, after you’ve taken all organizational steps, listened to what your feelings are telling you, and pushed yourself to act in order to rid all stress, and you’re still feeling anxious, the only thing left is to do is master your confidence. Blast some Kanye and let his self-love, determination, and certainty seep into your core. Believe in yourself the way Kanye believes in Kanye. Tell yourself you’re even better than Kanye. Kanye’s nothing compared to you! And you can handle anything that comes your way.



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