De-Stressing on Campus

After the calm of reading week, school likes to hit you with as many essays, projects, midterms, and 20-minute presentations it can all at once. As an English major I like to refer to November as essay month, a physically taxing time of year when I can be found carrying up to 12 books on post-colonial theory, the male gaze, and gender politics on me at all times. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when your agenda is a scribbled mess of multicoloured ink, but you don’t have to feel that way all the time! Behold, my top tips to de-stress on campus.


Go to the Gym

Do you think it’s easy carrying 12 library books all at once?! If you are like me and have zero athletic ability, let me tell you – it is still possible to do fun activities at the Ryerson Athletic Centre or Mattamy Athletic Centre while simultaneously building muscle and endurance. The weight room is far from my natural habitat so I opt for fun alternatives like a game of squash, a swim in the pool, a yoga class, or sitting in the locker room browsing Instagram (jk).


Therapy Dogs 

Nothing fills my heart with more joy than seeing a dog. Ryerson knows that dogs are efficient in relieving student stress, which is why they run a program that allows you to pet, play with, and photograph these cute little critters every Monday. The times and locations change often so make sure to check weekly for updates.


Reflect Introspectively

Going to school in downtown Toronto can be exciting yet overwhelming at times. It is important to have quiet time to yourself to think and process all you are going through. Some of my favourite quiet spaces on campus to take a break and maybe write all my feelings into a black softcover Moleskine journal are the art gallery at the Ryerson Image Centre, the benches in the northeast corner of the quad, and Page One Cafe on Mutual Street.


Play or Listen to Music

Music is a great way to de-stress and forget about school for a while. For the musically inclined, Ryerson has three pianos on campus that are free for you to use, so long as there is not a class going on. There are pianos at KHS239, KHE117, and POD367 for your musically pleasure. If you don’t play piano, you can always listen to others doing it at weekly open mics at Ram in the Rye.


Tim Hortons

A sour creme glaze donut never hurt anyone.

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