Curious about Computer Science?

Hi everyone! My name is Ayaan Abdirizak and I am excited to share my experiences as a third-year Computer Science student at Ryerson University.

How would you describe your program to someone who knows nothing about it?

I would describe Computer Science as a program that really strengthens your problem solving and creative skills while developing software applications. It is a broad field, and I enjoy how the curriculum is designed to let you explore different aspects. Although we explore various programming languages, there are courses that cover computer processing unit architecture, operating systems and mathematics. The lab time provided allows you to apply the knowledge you learn in the classroom and strengthen your technical abilities.

What is your favourite thing about your program?

The program encourages students to be resourceful. When creating a software program you may come across problems, but luckily you are likely not the first person to come across such issues! In addition to class textbooks, there are many computer science websites where seasoned developers can answer a question, or where you will find they have already been answered.

What is your favourite thing about Ryerson?

Ryerson supports students, especially in their first year, with Student Learning Group (SLG) sessions. They are run by a student who has previously completed a specific course, and they go over any questions you have. They are great for students who are making the transition to university life. You can find the SLG schedule on their website.

What has been your greatest accomplishment so far in your program?

I was able to join the co-op option of my program. Attaining work experience during my degree was always a goal of mine. This summer I start my first term, so I am looking forward to all the new things I will learn.

What has been your favourite class that you have taken?

Computer Science II has been my favourite class because it was the first time I was introduced to object-oriented programming. It was fun creating programs that could be used in the real world. The assignments took more time to complete, but the final execution made it worth it.

Has your perception of your program changed from the beginning of first year to now?

I was not sure about how much coding experience one would need prior to enrolling into the program. It was a pleasant surprise to know that courses are structured in a way that anyone willing to practice would succeed.

What is your advice for future students in your program? 

My advice to new students is to always start your assignments early because you never know how long they will take you. Great time management is essential so you do not get stuck on something, and still have time to visit office hours. Also, I would advise them to get involved in a student group or a Career Boost job, because you get to learn more about the Ryerson campus.

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