Creative Industries – My Program FAQ

During my recent takeover of the Ryerson Snapchat account (add us at whyryerson!), I received a lot of questions about Creative Industries, so here are my answers to the most popular questions:

What is Creative Industries? 

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Creative industries (CI) is an interdisciplinary program that allows you to focus on two modules from the Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD), as well business. These three components are six courses each, and are satisfied throughout your undergraduate career. Of course, we are also required take compulsory CI courses, as well as a number of interesting electives!

What is the difference between Creative Industries and other programs in FCAD?

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While the other programs are more concerned with teaching you the craft, CI is concerned with the management side of these sectors. Most of our classes prepare us to work with creatives in the field, rather than be the creative. For example, the music industry module teaches students how to manage musicians and plan a successful live event, as opposed to teaching them how to play the guitar or become the next platinum selling music artist (but I mean, it’s still possible to do with the knowledge you obtain).

What can you do with a Creative Industries degree? 

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Seeing as I will be a part of the first ever CI graduating class in 2017, I don’t have any proven career paths. However, this program gives students both the creative and the business mind to thrive in the workplace. In addition, we will be completing our work placements this summer, and interested companies include broadcasting companies, magazines, art organizations, and PR/advertising firms. But if you can’t find your dream job or company, create your own! CI is very entrepreneurial-based, and who knows, your idea could be a game changer in the field!

Do I need a portfolio? 

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No, CI is a Grades-Only program. Admissions decisions are based on your top 6 grade 12 U/M courses. You must also have a grade 12 U/M level English, and be achieving at least 70% in this course (for fall 2015 admissions). I encourage you to work as hard as you can! That way, you know you’ve tried your absolute best and have the highest grades possible. For more information about admissions to Creative Industries visit our website!

Do I need to take math courses in Grade 12? 

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No, grade 12 U/M mathematics is not required for admission (for fall 2016; please see previous answer). However, it wouldn’t hurt to take it in order to keep it fresh in your mind. While we don’t have flat-out math courses, many of our business classes require students to be pretty proficient in the subject (that’s not to say you can’t be successful in the program if math isn’t your best subject). On the other hand, I 100% recommend taking one or more business courses. As I said, we complete a specialization in business, so having basic to intermediate knowledge will be extremely beneficial to you.

Is it hard? Are there a lot of lectures/essays/exams? 

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Well, yes. It’s university, so even if you love your program, there will be times when doing schoolwork will just suck (me right during some points last semester, tbh). That being said, many of our assignments are super fun, allow us to apply our skills and give us significant creative freedom. For example, in first year, we had a pitch project and presentation that imitated that of Dragon’s Den, and in second year, we took Digital Design Studio, a CI course that teaches students how to use/improve our Adobe Creative Suite skills!


I hope these answers helped some of you, especially those who couldn’t make the Open House. Visit the CI website here for even more information!

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