My Courses!

So this semester, I have a pretty heavy courseload! Yet most of my courses are SUPER interesting and really fun! Here’s a summary of the courses that I am taking this semester at Ryerson:

ACC 100 – Intro to Financial Accounting
Numbers, numbers, numbers! Accounting is all about budgeting and finances. Not my most interesting course, but it is definitely teaching me a ton of applicable life skills!

MKT300 – Marketing Metrics
More numbers, numbers numbers! This is a second year marketing course designed to futher my marketing knowledge! This course mainly focuses on marketing metrics, which are the quantitative data surrounding companies marketing tactics!

LAW122 – Business Law
My favourite course this semester! Business Law is essentially an introduction to all things law! It is great to learn about the law because it can apply to many of my other studies, and it is also generally good knowledge to know and understand!

GRA320 – Binding and Finishing
When I first saw that I had to take this course, I was a little confused. I didn’t really know what Binding or Finishing was, but this course has explained it all to me! Binding and Finishing are essentially the last step in the Printing Process and this course is awesome because we get to do tons of cool hands on projects!

GRA322  -Document Design
Think of this course as a book design class! We go from start to finish designing a book for all different mediums! We design a book for print, web as well as an eBook! I find this class super interesting because it allows us to see how design is changing and learn the changes.

GRA323 – Electronic Premedia
Similar to Doc Design, in this class we are also designing a book, but for different reasons! In this class, we are learning the process of creating this book, as opposed to the design behind it! So we learn about printing factors, imposition, proper layouts and lots of fun printing stuff!

GRA324 – Printing Processes
This course is a continuation on from last year and what I learned then! Essentially, this course deals with anything print related! From the types of printing, to the types of paper; you learn it all in Printing Processes!

Overall, as you can see, I have some really interesting courses this semester and I can’t wait to see all that I learn from them!

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