Course Unions!

Finding yourself lost among your peers in your course?? Look no further than your course union! Almost every course at Ryerson has their own union to unite and promote spirit among your faculty! Course unions promote school spirit in each faculty by even planning and through uniting the voices of the spirit!

In GCM (Graphic Communications Management), we have an excellent course union. Our course union has won numerous parade and picnic spirit awards and we always have something going on!  This week, we had a “Pie Your Course Union” event where students and faculty members could come out and cream pie the members of our course union! Also, course unions may plan fun nights out on the town! earlier this year, the Faculty of Communication and Design’s numerous course unions planned an awesome “FCAD Jam” night! This night was great for uniting first year students in  the courses to promote new friendships and fun!

If you’re every looking for fun activities or ways to get involved, look no further than your course union! Have you ever been to a fun course union event? Share it with me! 🙂

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