How to Cope with March Sadness

It is March, AKA the worst month of the year in my opinion. That’s because we are so close yet so far away from summer vacation. Just to give you an idea of the situation in March, I have to write four reports and write one test by the end of the month/beginning of April :):):):):):):):):).

This is overall a very stressful and very saddening month, but there are ways to make it less of a drag. Here are three:

Go to a conference

I recently attended TRMC and it was a great experience!

I recently attended TRMC and it was a great experience!

Some of the judges for our case competition at TRMC. And yes, that is Norm Kelly.

Some of the judges for our case competition at TRMC. And yes, that is Norm Kelly.

There are many conferences that occur during the month of March, so you’re bound to find something that interests you. Examples include the Ted Rogers Management Conference (TRMC), THE Conference (presented by the Ryerson Communication and Design Society), and the Ryerson Entertainment Conference (REC). All three of these go beyond classroom education, and give you the opportunity to engage with industry professionals, participate in workshops, and even tackle a case competition with a handsome prize up for grabs. Conferences allow you to network, learn new things, be inspired, and also act as a productive distraction from your regular schoolwork.

Spend time outside 


Gotta love campus when the weather is nice!


Same goes for the city!

The other day, I was feeling so low while thinking about everything I needed to do within such a short period of time. It had just stopped pouring rain, and I went outside to collect the garbage bin when I took in how beautiful it was outside. I stood there for a few minutes observing the calm streets, the birds chirping in the distance, and the sun peaking out from the storm clouds. Simply spending some time outside can really help you put things into perspective, and realize how lucky you are to be alive! It’s finally spring, so when you feel the pressure, especially in March, take a walk, go for a run, or simply sit outside and enjoy what nature has to offer. I guarantee it’ll help clear your mind!

Treat yo’ self (in moderation)


Clearly I treat myself with actual treats.

Clearly I treat myself with actual treats.

You probably won’t be going on vacation during this crucial month of the school year, but you can definitely relax in smaller ways. Have a spa night, go out for ice-cream, watch an episode of your favourite TV show, take a nap– do anything that will allow you to take a breather, and feel recharged once you return to studying or writing an essay. Your mental health is the key to surviving March, so if you need some time to yourself in order to function to the best of your ability, take it!


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