A Commuter’s Guide to Surviving Winter

Keep an eye on the weather reports


If you have class all day, chances are the temperatures and even the amount of precipitation will change as the day progresses.  Make sure you’re aware of the weather for each day so you can be prepared, and know when you should bring an umbrella, or wear your winter boots and/or coat.

Bundle up


If you love dressing up for school, as the temperatures drop below zero, it is sooo important to wear multiple layers under or on top of your chic and stylish outfits.  Because trust me, you’ll really feel the chill even if you’re just walking from Dundas Station to the Victoria Building 50 steps away.

Leave home earlier than usual


Delays, delays, and more delays!!!!! There is no doubt that during the wintertime at least one of your methods of transportation will be delayed (it took me 3 hours to get home last week and winter hasn’t even fully started yet!).  That is why I recommend starting your journey to Rye a little bit earlier–especially in inclement weather–so you can make it on time for class.

Find a class buddy who can send you notes

When a friend says they'll send you the notes

When a friend says they’ll send you the notes

Try to find a person in all your classes who lives on campus or in the city who can send you his or her notes if you can’t make it to school that day.  This is a huge help to us commuters who may have to miss a couple classes due to snow or icy conditions, so perhaps you can treat them to Starbucks at the end of the semester as a “thank you”!

Bring a hot beverage with you


photo from keelanscarthphotography

Speaking of Starbucks, it’s always nice to begin a cold, long day with a yummy warm drink.  It’s also nice to save money.  Bring some tea, coffee or hot chocolate with you in a thermos in the mornings to enjoy and warm your body right up!

Take advantage of underground routes to class


Here is a map of the PATH, with my gorgeous illustration of the two destinations most commuters need to get to (Union to Dundas station). I highly recommend downloading the map at some point before you try walking on it, because it actually SO confusing at first.

Our entire school may not be connected by tunnels like other universities, but there are definitely ways to stay inside for longer periods of time while heading to class.  First of all, if you’ve never heard of the PATH (although I think I mentioned it in an earlier post), it is basically an entire mall/city/complex underground.  And the best part is that it can take you from Union Station all the way to Dundas!  If you’re planning to apply to the Ted Rogers School of Business, the business building connects to Eaton Centre. Dundas Station can lead you to the Cineplex theatre, where many classes are held, and finally, our main campus and the Rogers Communication Centre can also save you time freezing outside with a bridge connecting the two buildings together. Yay for staying warm and toasty!!!

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