Common Pet Peeves of a Ryerson Student

At this point, since we’re all buds, I feel like I can be completely honest with you: there are some things that will annoy you as a Ryerson student. They’re obviously small things, because I obviously love Ryerson, but I still figured I’d make sure you were prepared for the (almost) inevitable pet peeves.

Missing the “all-crossing” sign when trying to cross the street


This photo was taken right after I missed the “all crossing” signal, wah.

The Yonge-Dundas intersection (aka the main intersection that connects Ryerson to the downtown core), has both the regular walk sign for pedestrians, and a wonderful beautiful automated voice announcing that the “walk sign is on for all crossings”. Basically, you can get to campus, like, three minutes earlier by cutting across the road in whichever direction you desire. So you can imagine the minor rage that occurs when it’s 2:04, class starts at 2:10, and you have to cross the street the “regular” way. Ugh.

When the escalators are broken

Image from here.

Image from here.

Ok at this point it’s not even a pet peeve because it happens so often. However, it can be pretty irritating when you enter the Ted Rogers or Cineplex theatre, only to be greeted with an immobile escalator. I wasn’t prepared for this. I don’t have my running shoes on. Why do bad things happen to good people (I wrote about how this can sometimes be a good thing in a previous post, but who am I kidding? I start panting just seconds into my manual ascension)

When the professor forgets to give a break during a three hour lecture

Me, two hours into the lecture with no break in sight. GIF from here.

Me, two hours into the lecture with no break in sight. GIF from here.

Three hour lectures are long. Some can be tedious. Some are downright unbearable. And even when they are enjoyable, that 10-15 minute break is everything. But sometimes a prof can get so into the lesson, or needs to cover a certain amount of material, that he or she will simply forget to give the class a break. And since we’re all polite little kids, none of us remind them. What’s even worse is when the prof says “how about we skip the break and end 10 minutes early today?” Be wary of this suggestion.

When school isn’t closed on a snowy day

Trying to get to school like... GIF from here.

Trying to get to school like…
GIF from here.

As a high school student, you probably love that when buses are cancelled during the winter, you can enjoy a nice, relaxing snow day at home. This is NOT the case for university. It is ESPECIALLY NOT the case for Ryerson (and most schools in the GTA). Although we are a commuter school, we NEVER close. I mean NEVER. Sure, you can choose to skip class for the day, but even if you do, it’ll still grind your gears knowing you’ll never get a real snow day ever again. Please cherish them while you still can. For me.

8 a.m. classes

giphy (50)

GIF from here.

This is a given. Regardless of if you commute or live on campus, 8am classes probably won’t agree with you. Therefore, if you must choose an 8 a.m. class, make sure it’s one with interesting subject matter. It’d also be in your best interest if that class doesn’t have a midterm, because while early classes are bad, early midterms are even worse.

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