Here Comes A New Challenger – Mohammad

Hellooo good lookin’! My name is Mohammad, MAZ by nickname, and I’m excited to be a Student Blogger for this school year! You may also know me as ‘that guy on the Engineering page for the Ryerson Admissions Booklet.’ As a third year Biomedical Engineering student (Woooooooooot! ENGINEEEEERS!), I have grown to love life as a Ryerson student.

 “But good sir, what exactly is ‘Biomedical Engineering’?”

Kudos to you if you got that Mortal Kombat reference in the title.

Kudos to you if you got that Mortal Kombat reference in the title.

Glad you asked. Basically, it comes down to the application of the theoretical know-how of biology, medicine, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering to create medically useful devices and pharmaceuticals. I’m extremely passionate about my program (if you haven’t picked up on that already), and I can’t wait to get out into the industry to make my mark.

Besides having an extreme passion for engineering (people give me weird looks all the time about this), I am also a huge sci-fi nerd, gamer, and collector. I just recently got into making Gundam models, which I’ll be posting about shortly. Also, I’m super-amped for Super Smash Bros. on the 3DS. FALCON PUNCH!

In an attempt to keep myself active, I’ve joined the Kickboxing Club at Ryerson this semester. I also weightlift throughout the week, although it can be hard finding a time to work-out when you’re on the struggle bus that is Engineering (yes the ‘E’ deserves to be capitalized).



I’ve posted a link above – videos like these really help drive me, because I know that when I graduate I will be ready to make an immensely positive impact on the lives of others. Join me this year as I keep you up to date on life as an Engineering student, I promise you it’ll be one heck of a ride!



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