Co-op for an International Student: Part II

Hello again!

I have some pretty cool news for you all! Remember when I said acquiring a study permit costs money? I hit up the International Student Support office a few weeks ago, and they told me they’ve just recently discontinued charging students for the co-op letter!

The Office happy dance GIF

The Office happy dance GIF |

Co-op Work Permit

This means acquiring a co-op permit is now a completely free process! Just gotta log in to your MyCIC account through the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website, answer a couple of eligibility questions and fill out your Co-op permit application!

IRCC asked me for the following documents (depending on your situation, they could ask you for more information):
  • Co-op letter (The amazing staff over at the International Student Support office at Ryerson provided me with this!)
  • Passport (a scanned pdf of your passport combined with your study permit and entrance visas & stamps (if applicable))
  • Digital photo (a JPEG of my face!)
  • A digital form I needed to fill out with a couple of details about myself
483 Businesswoman Checklist Stock

483 Businesswoman Checklist Stock |

It should take only about three months for IRCC to process my co-op work permit and then I’ll be good to go!

Extending Study Permit

Unfortunately, we’re still required to pay for the extension of our student permits – BUT by then we’ll be so rich (hopefully – if I don’t blow all my money away by then) from our four Co-op work terms, it should be no problem to pay the extension fee!

That’s it, ladies and gentlemen, the extremely rewarding Co-op program only requires the submission of *two applications through IRCC and payment for only one of those! I think we can all see that the benefits clearly outweigh the costs by a LOT.



Finally, if you ever have any questions about either of these processes, the lovely International Student Support is here to help us the whole way through! They are only one email or phone call away! Or in my case, they’re just down the hallway. ❤️

*Not everyone needs to apply for a study permit extension along with their co-op work permit. This is only if your study permit is expiring soon.

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