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Me in my natural habitat

It was a dark and stormy summer’s eve when I became a student blogger for WhyRyerson. A lover of brunch, Lost, public transport, and airplane food, I have been trying to write a book since age seven. I’m your friendly neighbourhood fourth year English major, who hopes to be graduating next year (scary, exciting, yikes). My fans say that I am the living embodiment of a literature major, and considering that I wear black turtlenecks to cafés and parks while writing in a black Moleskine journal I can see why.

I chose Ryerson due to its vibrant downtown location and proximity to the creative industries of Canada. Coming from a small town everything about the city was exciting, and I’m only half embarrassed to admit that during my campus tour I was absolutely floored by the fact that there are basically four Starbucks on campus. But that was 2013 and this is now when I’ve challenged myself to stop supporting large corporations (except Moleskine), and am excited about other facets of higher education!

an appearance from the aforementioned Moleskine

an appearance from the aforementioned journal

When I’m not worrying myself into some form of an existential crisis, I’ve managed to get involved at Ryerson in many ways. I’ve had opportunities to study abroad in Paris, work as an editorial assistant, tutor newcomers to Canada, live in a residence with 33 diverse students, and now share my views of Ryerson with all of you!

On campus you can find me in the quad, watching the cute dogs of Toronto bounce around joyfully. If not, I’m probably at the Hub customizing my own tofu paninis. Otherwise, I’m on the quiet floor of the SLC planning my next travels around the world. If you still can’t find me in any of my favourite spots you’ll have no choice but to check back here for my regularly scheduled posts!! 

commuting home is fun because public transport is eco-friendly

Commuting home is fun because public                              transport is eco-friendly 🙂

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