City of Neighbourhoods Ep. #3: Entertainment District

Here is the third stop on my City of Neighbourhoods tour! Although many people pass off the Entertainment District as a tourist area, as a local I spend a bunch of time there! Where else can you find Toronto’s best restaurants, clubs, theatres, and fun attractions? Whether you’re stopping by Toronto for a day or you’re moving downtown, this is definitely the place to be.

Entertainment District 

Distance From Campus:

Theatre Area (King St.): 25 Minutes

South Entertainment District (Front St.): 30-35 Minutes



Yellow Line: St. Andrew Station (If you want to be closer to the theatres/clubs) or Union Station (If you want to go straight to the CN Tower/Ripley’s/Rogers Centre, etc.)


Fun Facts:

Just a few years ago the CN Tower opened up a new attraction called the Edge Walk. Basically, you get to wear a jumpsuit and are attached to a cable and then you get to walk on the OUTSIDE of the tower! I did it last year and it was awesome – they even make you lean back and let go of the wire (don’t worry, it’s still attached to your suit)!

TIFF, the Toronto International Film Festival, hosts a lot of its premieres at our Ryerson Theatre. Students have seen a bunch of celebrities on campus in September from Anna Kendrick to Brie Larson, and so many more.

At the Toronto Railway Museum outside the CN Tower, you can find the “Roundtable” mechanism which was used for decades to change the directions of trains. Since trains only went one way, with the Roundtable they could put the a wagon on the platform and literally spin it into the other direction so it could be re-routed!


My Favourites:

Boston Pizza: This specific Boston Pizza is just outside the stairs that lead you to the Roger’s Centre, CN Tower, etc. It makes a perfect pit stop before/after games and it’s just delicious! (Also their lunches are surprisingly affordable, $10 lunch combo affordable)

Rogers Centre: I am by no means a sports fan, and I still couldn’t explain to you how all the rules in Baseball work, but I LOVE going to baseball games! There’s just this amazing energy and love from the fans! You really don’t need to understand what’s happening on the field to have fun. (Also, seats in the upper decks or “nosebleed” seats are usually very affordable)

Grace O’ Malleys: Okay, this one only applies to you if you are 19 +! Grace O’ Malleys, or “Gracies” is a huge student hot spot, and there is no cover Thursday nights with your student ID. I wanted to give this place a shout out because every Thursday they have live Canadian bands play that are usually from the far East or West coast!

TIFF Bell Lightbox: Yes, the festival is in September, but the Lightbox is open all year long! You can go and view incredible independent films, check out exhibitions, take a tour of the building, and listen to a series of panel discussions and talks about film and the world.


Hidden Gem:

Sweet Jesus: This place is a must visit, at least to help your Insta-game. This hip coffee-ice cream joint sells delicious and seriously gorgeous treats. I also love this part of their Mission Statement, “Sweet Jesus constantly tests the boundaries of culinary right and wrong”.  Follow @sweetjesus to see what I’m talking about!


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