City of Neighbourhoods #1: Queen St. W & Kensington


Oh, hi there!


My name is Karin and I going into my 4th year at Ryerson studying Media Production. This summer I’ll be showing you all the reasons I love Ryerson and Toronto, so if you don’t already follow @WhyRyerson you should go that. Go. QUICK! I love anything media and am a self-proclaimed Starbucks addict. Typically, you can find me on campus sitting in a sunny spot on Gould St. clutching a coconut milk caramel macchiato, and listening to Kendrick Lamar.


Alright, back to our regularly scheduled programming.


Do you know what I find fascinating? There are students who go to school at Ryerson and have never left campus.




If you’re an incoming student you may find this hard to believe. After all, Ryerson is located in the heart of downtown Toronto, why in the world would you want to stay on campus when one of the greatest cities in the world surrounds you?


Well, you’ll probably hear someone say that we get comfortable in the “Ryerson Bubble”. You know, the familiar smell of Gould St. in the morning, the glorious Kerr Hall bridges that shield us from the outside world, and the familiar tastes of Ram in the Rye and Oakham House. I mean, I get it. It’s comfortable, like a home away from home, but…


Let this be your sign, it’s time to pop the bubble.



Welcome to City of Neighbourhoods! Over the summer I’ll be visiting all of the best neighbourhoods downtown Toronto has to offer, and making short vlogs so you can see them for yourselves. I’ll be sure to add fun facts and some of my favourite spots or hidden gems!


So what are you waiting for? Get exploring!





Stop 1: Queen St. W.

Distance from Campus:

Walking: 20 Minutes 

Transit: 10 Minutes


 501 Queen Streetcar or Yellow Line Dundas Station to Osgoode Station (“Ride the U”)

Fun Facts:

Queen St. W almost had it’s own subway line and there are still some areas under the street that have the dug out “shells” of the subway line that never was.

My Favourites:

Warehouse: One of my favourite places to eat downtown. All the food is $5 and it’s delicious! Note, get here early because line ups start around 9 PM (232 Queen W.)

The Rex: Cultural landmark and one of the best places in the city for live jazz music with new shows every day. (194 Queen W.)

Junked Food Co.: Edible. Cookie. Dough. And a bunch of other delicious food you should check out. (507 Queen W.)

Black Market Clothing: Locals love this underground vintage store. Also everything is $10 or less! (256 Queen St W.)

Hidden Gem:

Toronto Designers Market: This is one is pretty far west but it’s basically a mall for locally designed clothing, jewellery, furniture, home supplies and more. There are over 30 vendors and it’s a great way to support Toronto creatives. (1605 Queen St. W)


Stop 2: Kensington Market

Distance from Campus: 

Walking: 20-30 Minutes 

Transit: 20 Minutes


505 Dundas Streetcar or 506 College Streetcar 

Fun Facts:

Kensington Market is a cultural mecca and is home to many different, diverse people from all over the world.

There was a TV Show called “King Of Kensington” which featured Al Waxman as a convenience store owner in Kensington Market – the show ran for 5 seasons!

My Favourites:

Exile: There are SO many vintage shops you should check out but I always love browsing through Exile – you can find the most interesting things here. (62 Kensington Ave.)

Rasta Pasta: Jamaican Italian fusion. How cool is that? (61 Kensington Ave.)

Cheese Magic: So. Much. Cheese. Everywhere you look, CHEESE. (182 Baldwin St.)

Hidden Gem:

Otto’s Berlin Döner: Yummy German street food and a magic bathroom. Something to do with a button and disco music… I’ll let you discover that for yourselves. (256 Augusta Ave.)

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