How to Choose a Minor

If you’re like me and have tons of interests, you might want to choose to study a minor during your time here at Ryerson! A minor is an opportunity to explore a different field from your major to expand your expertise and knowledge! Minors are great because you get to not only learn about one thing while at university, but you get to learn about two!!


Now you must be wondering, how can I get a minor and how do I pick one? Well first, check out your options on the course calendar. There’s a minor for everyone! From film studies to law, you’ll definitely find something that appeals to you!


Next you want to make sure that you are taking the required classes towards that minor. It is your responsibility to decide if you are going to minor, so it is your responsibility to take these classes! Again, these can be found on the course calendar.

Finally, pick something that you enjoy! A minor is supposed to enhance your education, so you do not want to pick something that you will hate studying. Make sure that you thoroughly research what each minor is about! Overall, minors are great, because there a way to not only learn more, but a way to enhance your expertise and your resume!


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