My Bucket List for the Winter Holidays

In case you needed another reason to apply to Ryerson, most of us get an ENTIRE MONTH off from school during the holidays. And with long vacations, come me making lists of what I want to accomplish during that time. When I say “accomplish” I don’t necessarily mean that I want to do anything big, or even leave my house too much to be honest. These the main things I want to do during the break:

Start and finish a TV series

Laying on the couch watching TV.

This will be me during the break, but snuggled up in bed. GIF from here.

I often get scared to start a new TV series because I don’t want to waste my time, but having a month off gives me plenty of time to settle on a new series, and hopefully even finish it. Not to mention I don’t have to feel guilty about getting through an entire season in one sitting, as I do when I try to catch up on my shows during the term.

Have a fun girls’ day out

GIF of the Pink Ladies from Grease.

Yes. So excited. GIF from here.

Christmas holidays means everyone who is away at school comes back home to relax and recoup before the next semester. It also means spending quality time with hometown friends from these far schools. I’m so excited to do some shopping, go out to lunch (preferably sushi), and even get my nails done on a cute day out with the girls!

Make some money

GIF of Tibby from the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants putting a label on her forehead.

I’ll probably regret saying this, but I’m kind of excited to go back to my simple little part time job (that pays really well). GIF from here.

Not gonna’ lie, even though it’s great not having to work an average 15-20 hour/week job during school, it also means I’m running short on moulaaa. As a result, I’m glad I’ll be able to pick up some hours at my seasonal job, and in turn, pick up some extra cash. Getting back to work will also force me to go out and interact with humans, which, if I didn’t have a job, I probably would avoid doing for 90% of the break.

Conduct a serious internship search

giphy (23)

By “research” I mean “googling”. GIF from here.

I am required to do a 10 week internship this coming summer, and the available companies will be posted on our program internship site when we return for second semester. However, I want to know exactly where I see myself interning, and the type of experience I want to gain from the internship before I apply to places. The holidays give me some time to really do some research on companies and positions I’m interested in.


Sam from iCarly liking books.

I want to get back to loving books! GIF from here.

I put this in caps because it’s been quite a while since I’ve gotten through a good book (or a book at all). I’ve been feeling low on inspiration, and reading always helps exercise my brain and work my imagination. I really want to feed my soul by taking in some literature and/or informative and advice books.

Take a break from social media 

Turning off cellphone.

Yeah, right. Like I’d actually turn off my phone. This is just the most relevant gif I could find. GIF from here.

It’ll be hard, but I want to cut back on the number of times I scroll through my timeline or news feed, and work on feeling more like myself again. This semester has been extremely odd and annoyingly draining, and I feel like being on social media sometimes contributes to anxiety and other negative feelings. I’m not saying I’m going to completely rid myself of Twitter, Instagram and the lot, but I do want to take some time off.

I could go on, but as I said in a recent post, making a concise list will help to keep me focused and hopefully cross these items off my list. This winter break is much needed, and I’m so excited to have some guilt-free me-time, and also enjoy my break with friends and family!


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