What to do During Breaks Between Classes

When you enter post-secondary education, gone are the days when you and your friends have the same classes, and your entire grade has a collective lunch period to eat and converse.  No, in university, you may have a 1-4 hour break between some of your classes that you have to figure out how to fill all by yourself.  But thankfully there are some really good ways to pass the time:

1. Do some homework or study

This is kind of obvious.  If you have a four hour break, the most productive option would probably be to get some work done.  Last year, I studied for the tests I had after my break, and it really paid off.  If you like the library, find a place on one of the quiet floors to study, or try to get a computer on the first floor if you want a little bit of noise while working on an assignment.  If the library isn’t your favourite place on campus, there are plenty of other buildings, coffee shops, and outdoor spaces for you to do some schoolwork.

2. Explore the city

Going down a street you never visit can cause you to discover new shops and restaurants!

September and October (but mostly September) are optimal months to take a stroll around the city and find some hidden gems, whether it be a tasty espresso bar, or a cute boutique with dainty and unique items.  The weather is usually really nice, and school isn’t as demanding, so take advantage of it!

3. Go (window) shopping

Sidenote: the Hudson’s Bay on Queen is perfect.

I like to do this when I have a short break, so I don’t get too carried away.  I mean, we’re located right beside Eaton Centre and a couple streets away from Queen Street West, so why not stop by a few stores and see what the new trends are?  As an H&M fanatic, I usually go there at least twice a week, try on a bunch of clothes, and either buy some, or cry at the fact that I’m either broke, or should be saving my money (it’s a toss-up really).

4. Eat lunch

My one hour breaks usually consist of homemade kale salads, and YouTube videos all by my lonesome. But I ain’t even mad.

Either bring or buy some lunch (or alternate each week), and find a nice place to enjoy your meal.  If you brought your laptop but don’t want to work on any assignments while you’re eating, pull up a YouTube video or enjoy some tunes before you’re next lecture!

5. Hang out with a friend, or make new ones!

My friend and I became much closer after a stroll through Queen Street West and Chinatown last year!

If you and one of your friend’s breaks match up, then do any of the above activities with them!  Or, if there is someone in your class that you’ve been meaning to get to know, invite them on a walk or to get some food.  You’ll be able to do what you wanted to do, but with some company, and hopefully a new good friend!  In fact, I got closer to two of my friends this way.

Having long breaks between classes can be tedious sometimes, but they can also be productive and even fun!

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