The Best Ways to Spend Your Summer

The summers between your university years will be very different than your high school summers. First, they’re twice as long, so you’ll have twice the opportunity to do the things you really want to before you start another year. There can be a lot of pressure to make the most of your 4 months off and not waste a second of it – so it makes sense to think ahead about what’s important to you to accomplish during the summer! Here’s 4 things you should focus on in order to take full advantage of your time off!


1. Little Adventures


If you’re spending your summer in Toronto, there’s so many things you can do, so many things to see, that it becomes overwhelming and you’re always worried that you’re missing out. Making a list of places you’d like to visit or experiences you’d like to have and knocking them off one by one will leave you with an immense feeling of satisfaction at the end of your break!


2. Hard Work


Summer is a great time to take on new challenges and improve your skills for your future career. Whether it’s a job or an internship, setting your sights on a position that will help you is essential to having a fulfilling summer break!


3. Travel


It’s always nice to take a break after a busy and stressful school year by getting away, relaxing, and experiencing a new place. I’ve found that it’s nice to take a trip right after exams before you start working, or at the end of the summer right before you start school. You won’t get a lot of time to travel throughout university, so if you have the means, using your time off while you have it is something you won’t regret.


4. Activities you’ve always wanted to do

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I like to think about some things I’d like to do that I haven’t had the time for during school. For me, it’s been reading, which I used to do all the time but stopped when I had to do class readings. I know I have a short window to cram in activities like this which makes summer the perfect time to enjoy things I rarely get the chance to do!

Ideally, you’ll be able to do a little bit of each of these things during your summer in order to feel both empowered and refreshed when you return to school in the fall. Taking the time to carefully consider exactly how you want to use this long stretch of time will allow for an extremely rewarding part of your overall university experience. Until next time!


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