Before I Go: Quick Tips For University

The school year has come to a close, and I’ve had an amazing year sharing my Ryerson experience with you all on WhyRyerson. I’m sad to say that this will be my last blog (except for a few remaining RU Cravings vlogs!), at least for a little while, but I’m super excited to announce that I will be completing my first two co-op terms with the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade as a Marketing Intern. I can’t wait to further my overall marketing knowledge and dive deep into the area of foreign direct investment marketing.

Before I take off, I thought I would share seven key knowledge points I learned during my third year as a business management marketing student:

1. Utilize the Career Centre

You’re not alone on your job hunt! Ryerson has a variety of services on campus that will help you with everything you need including cover letter, resumé and interview tips. Everyone has free access to the Ryerson Career Centre, and some of the faculties have their own job-specific help centre like the Ted Rogers School of Management‘s Business Career Hub.

2. Apply for jobs early

If you apply for jobs way ahead of deadlines when you have time, you’ll have extra time later on to apply for jobs that pop up last minute with a close deadline!

3. Buy avocados in bulk

Avocados aren’t cheap, but let’s face it: they’re essential. Save yourself some money and buy avocados in larger amounts for your daily dose of avocado toast and guacamole.

4. Volunteer

It’s a great way to meet people and learn new skills. If you’re interested in entertainment, I recommend volunteering at TIFF as you get free vouchers to see films after your volunteer shift. You can also get involved with entertainment business on campus by joining the Ryerson Entertainment Conference.

5. Always have your Ryerson OneCard on you

Although it is important to have your OneCard on you so you access buildings on Ryerson’s campus at night, there is another very important reason to have it: discounts! Flash your OneCard at Topshop for 10% off, St Louis in the Atrium for 10% off, Salad King for 10% off, Metro grocery store on Gould Street for 10% off between Tuesday and Thursday and more!

6. Work part-time on campus

Employers on campus understand you’re a student first before anything else, and allow working while in school to be manageable. Not to mention working on campus can be a great way to meet people, bring in some extra cash and take a productive break from studying.

7. Make time for things that make you happy

University can be stressful at times, and you may feel like you have no time for a life. However, it’s important to look out for your wellbeing and take breaks from time to time to do things that make you happy. Toronto is filled with so many interesting events and unique food places that you should take the time to check out. I managed to make some time this year to see some pretty amazing concerts and a fair amount of cool food places thanks to the RU Cravings food series. I encourage you to take breaks when possible and explore what Toronto has to offer.

Thanks for listening to me ramble on over the past year! If you’re new to the WhyRyerson blog, check out some of my past blogs including:

Have a great summer everyone!

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