How to Become the Queen/King of Getting Free Stuff and Student Discounts

If you’ve read my past blogs, participated in our Twitter chat, or added WhyRyerson on Snapchat, you probably know that I both love and am reaaaaally good at getting free stuff (or at least a discount). People are always asking me how I always get a deal, because although it’s pretty easy, it’s also pretty easy to overlook or miss the opportunity to save a buck or two (or six or seven). Lucky for you, I have decided to share my wisdom (kind of): here are some of my tips for being the queen or king of free stuff when you start to frequent the downtown core!

Follow Ryerson accounts on social media

Ryerson Students' Union tweet about breakfast at Dundas Square

When you’re commuting early in the morning, free breakfast is always a YES.

@RyeSU and @RUStudentLife are the first Twitter accounts (after @WhyRyerson of course) you should be following, in order to learn about contests, giveaways, or get a heads up when complimentary snacks or prizes are being given away on or around campus. As a result of following these accounts, I won tickets to Friday Night Live at the ROM, and scored some free pancakes from the Ryerson Muslim Students’ Association (among many other free products I’ve gotten in my 2 and a half years here).

Put your phone away and LOOK AROUND when you’re walking 

Princess Giselle from Enchanted looking at Time Square

Look around! Be present in the city! GIF from here.

Many times, I know who is giving things away, or when there’s a free event going on, simply because I am observant. When you’re downtown everyday, you eventually learn to block out all the ads and signs, and focus on where you need to go, but by drowning everything around you out, you risk missing so many cool things! Keep your head up as you stroll through campus and the city in general, and you’d be surprised at all the things you can do (and receive) free of charge.


"Help me I'm poor" GIF from Bridesmaids

This is one way to ask if a store offers a discount, haha. GIF from here.

There are so many stores around campus that offer student discounts, giving you an excuse to treat yo’ self more often. However, many of them don’t necessarily promote or advertise these discounts, so if you’re really serious about saving, just ask! I was able to save $2 on lunch a couple weeks ago because I asked if the restaurant offered a student discount. That may not seem like a lot right now, but any amount of money saved is a “W” in my book. Besides, $2 can get you a whole coffee and a donut at a later date (or on the same day..I’m not judging)!

Get an SPC Card


"Now walk away strong and frugal" GIF from Confessions of a Shopaholic

After you get a good deal. GIF from here.

This is a sure way to get some discounts in Toronto, and in your hometown. Although I personally only use my SPC card to receive an extra booster in my Booster Juice, it can really come in handy on those days when you decide to do a lil’ shopping at the Eaton Centre.


How do you plan to become the king or queen of free stuff? 



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