Mercedes Attempts Axe Throwing (BATL)

I never thought I would see the day where I’d be clutching the wooden handle of a throwing axe, primed to hit the bullseye of a battered target.

And yet… here we are, with a whole vlog about it. Because who am I without my vlogs?

Last week, my residence (HOEM on Jarvis) sponsored a trip to BATL Grounds – an indoor axe-throwing league near the Lakeshore. Just about 20 minutes from the downtown core, BATL is an exciting, inclusive space where you can live out your extreme sports fantasies (kinda!), kick back with a beer (if you’re of age!), and compete with your friends in axe throwing competitions.

I had a total blast visiting BATL! I would recommend it to any person who can wrangle up a large group to try it out. BATL can host anywhere from 2-200 people at a time, so it’ an awesome party location!

I hope you enjoy the video! Stay sweet, and I’ll see you in the next vlog!

xo, Mercedes

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