Back To School (After Co-op)

Hello, my name is Emma and I’m excited to be back with WhyRyerson to share my fourth year as a Marketing Management Co-op Student!

I just finished my first two co-op placements (eight months) at the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development as a Marketing Assistant. This position allowed me to learn a variety of different skills that will come in handy this semester as I return to Ryerson. My co-op placement was a learning experience like no other, but I’m eager to get back to school and switch up my schedule.


How Was My Co-op Placement?

I was extremely lucky to be part of a team of welcoming and passionate people. I learned various marketing, business, and soft skills from colleagues across the marketing team. The overall goal of the international marketing team is to attract businesses to locate to and reinvest in the Province of Ontario. My specific job duties were focused on creating digital content for the Invest in Ontario website and social media channels. I wrote spotlights about Ontario companies that were being innovative to spread the idea that “Ontario is open for business.” A particular article I had a fun time writing was the Pipeline Studios article, as I’m passionate about the entertainment industry.

I got to swim with dolphins in St. Kitts on my trip!

An added benefit of co-op was that I got to make some extra money while being a student. This extra income allowed me to treat myself with a trip! I just came back from my first cruise and my first time in the Caribbean!! Stay tuned for more extensive information about my last eight months.


What Can You Expect From Me This Semester?

I will be giving prospective Ryerson students an inside look into my life on the blog, but also on Snapchat and Instagram. This semester I will be taking five courses including marketing but also communications, and sociology courses for my two minors. Alongside working at WhyRyerson as a Content Creator, I will be returning to the Ryerson Student Learning Centre (SLC) as a SLC Specialist. I love the community, schedule flexibility and freedom within the role that the SLC provides. I also am applying my marketing knowledge to assist a small business with their digital marketing needs. Aside from work, I am in the Top 200 Program, and I am a Co-op Peer Mentor.


What Am I Looking Forward To?

  • Friends! I’ll be able to spend more time with my Ryerson pals since I’m back on campus.
  • Fitness. In the past it was hard to make time for the gym while being in school, but I have decided to prioritize my health and make more time for it this year.
  • Learning. University sometimes can be stressful, but I’m feeling refreshed and ready after an eight-month break.
  • My next Co-op!! I have been fortunate enough to already land my co-op position for next summer. I will be a Customer Experience Consultant in the Marketing, Operations, and Applied Technologies Intern program for a company I’ve been passionate about joining for a while: Bell.


More About My Experience?

If you want to know more about my Ryerson Experience, please read some of my older blogs:

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