Back-to-School Buys – Tech Edition

Now that you all have received your schedule and you are ONE STEP closer to coming this fall (yay!), you must be thinking about your new needed technology and supplies for these classes (I know I was last year!). So I have compiled my list of my top 5 tech essentials that I used during my first year here at Ryerson!

1. My Macbook Pro


This had to be my number one because this little guy was basically my BFF in first year. I have forever been a lover of all things Apple, but for my first year I loved having my Mac because it was so versatile and reliable! Also, the SWEET thing is, as a Ryerson student you get an additional discount on top of the Apple store education discount. Log on to either your RAMSS or your choose.ryerson portal and click  The Apple Ryerson Student’s Store!

2. Productivity Apps

giphy (1)

Productivity Apps were a big help during my first year. Using apps to create to-do lists, track  classes, assignments and schedules made everything streamlined. Also, you always have your phone with you, so these lists are always with you. Also, what I found helpful was linking my Ryerson email, notifications and Blackboard to my phone so I would get notifications right in the moment!

3. Program Specific Tech

giphy (2)

Every program is unique when it comes to required technology. So, I would do your research when it comes to this topic. For me, I used a electronic tablet in my studies, but other students used different technology! These program-specific technologies can often help you with projects or expedite some of your learning experiences!

4. External Hard Drives

giphy (3)

This one is key. It doesn’t seem like something you would need off the top of your head, but can you imagine the pain of losing all of your hard work of a computer crashing?! That’s where the external hard drive comes in. If you back up your computer, this baby will have all of your files on it, just in case of any accidents! Some hard drives also automatically backup, so if you accidentally delete half of your assignment, it will still be there!

5. A Good Set of Headphones


Crucial for those study sessions, train rides and jamming are a good set of headphones! Headphones will be your new best friend. They’re great for study sessions to get you in the zone, drowning out noise of a loud space and also, who doesn’t like some tunes? So, you’ll definitely want to invest in a good pair of headphones to get you through the year!

Overall, technology is key when it comes to first year! It’s going to help ease your projects and your learning experience while you being your 4 year journey here at Ryerson!

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