Back-to-School Buys – Residence Edition

Hello #futureram and the NEW Class of 2018! Now that you are on route to Ryerson (1 month guys!) You’re probably thinking “What will I need for university?!” Well have no fear friends, I’m going to do a serious of blog posts to tell you EXACTLY what you need to be fully prepared to be a Ryerson Ram this fall.

First: Residence Edition!


Now that you have all heard back from Rez, you must be starting to plan your rez room! Planning my residence room was my FAVOURITE thing to do while planning university. Here’s a little checklist of things I believe are the MOST important to have in residence:

1. Room Swag


This is probably the most exciting and fun part about planning for residence! Make sure that you bring a lot of super cool decorations to make your room stand out! Residence rooms are like a bare canvas so make sure that you decorate it to a T. I recommend lots of DIY projects (pinterest is great for this!) and trips to your local discount store to find nice decorations!

2. Organization, Organization, Organization!


Organization is KEY in residence. Depending on your room style, you may be sharing a space with other people, or you may have a smaller room than you are used to at home. This is where the organization comes in. I always recommend bins, boxes and drawers! Not only are they great to pack in, but you can use them once you are at Ryerson as well 🙂

3. Room Snacks


This may not be a necessity, but it is very important in my mind. Make sure that you pack some of your favourites from home for those late night study sessions! Also, it is great to keep a small mini-fridge and food box/tub in your room to store your food!

4. Cleaning Supplies


You may not think about this on the top of your head, but now that Mom isn’t around, you’ll have to clean your own room! I suggest buying an all-purpose cleaner and bringing a small vacuum that you can use to keep your room spick and span! Residence hallways, common rooms and common washrooms are cleaned daily, but you are responsible to keep your room clean!

4. Make it Yours!


You’re going to be living in this space for 8 months, you are going to want to make it feel homey! Last year, I brought pictures, memories and reminders of friends and family to make my room feel cozy. Whatever makes you happy, make sure to include it in your room!

That’s all for my residence edition of “Back-to-School Buys” keep posted for my next edition where I’ll go over what you need for your first week of class! 🙂


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