Applying to Residence 101

Before starting university, there are many decisions that need to be made, like whether or not you want to live on campus. For some people (like me!) living on campus is a must if they’re going away for school. For those who live closer, deciding to live in residence is a decision that has to be made. If you’re looking to live on campus in the fall and are looking for more information, you’re in the right place.

So, you’ve decided you’d like to live in residence. Fantastic! The first step in the application process is receiving an offer of admission from Ryerson for an undergraduate program. You DON’T have to accept this offer to apply for residence! If you’re not ready to make a decision, you can still apply to residence to ensure your application is in. Residence offers aren’t on a first come first served system. It’s based on the year of education (first years get first priority) and how far you are from the university (at the top is the farthest distance away).

A GIF saying I got In! Ryerson university.


After you decide to apply, the next step is to research the buildings. There are four buildings for students to live in and different room types. On your online application, you’ll be asked to rank your preferred choices of building and room type. You don’t have to rank every option available, only the ones you’re genuinely interested in.

If you pick an option with roommates, you will be able to choose if you want the same or all-gender roommates. You can also request roommates if you know anyone you’d like to room with. Once you’ve finished your application, the next step is to pay the $50 application fee. The deadline for residence applications is June 1, 2020, and offers go out June 12, 2020!

As mentioned above, there are four residence buildings: Pitman Hall, International Living and Learning Centre (ILC), HOEM, and the Daphne Cockwell Complex (DCC). There’s a helpful comparison chart to help distinguish building similarities and differences.

Personally I am so glad I’m in residence this year, and not just because it’s a necessity for me. I’m currently in a single room in Pitman Hall and I love having my own space. Being a maximum ten-minute walk to all your classes is great, especially in first year when you’re first getting used to campus. It’s nice to be able to go back to your room between classes for a quick nap!

It’s also great to take advantage of resources on campus exclusive to residence students, like Academic Links (live-in upper-year students from your faculty to help with your studies). Being on residence allows you to make friends more easily, which can greatly help your adjustment to university. Sometimes I’m not a fan of noise in my building or the dining hall food, but there’s nowhere else I’d rather be for my first year of university.

Three staff from Ryerson residence.

Residence staff like Academic Links and Residence Advisors are there to help your transition to university! Ryerson Housing & Residence.

Residence and everything about it can be a big decision. Ryerson’s Housing & Residence site has plenty of resources to start your residence experience off right!

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