An interview with an international first-year Aerospace Engineering student

Tell us a little bit about yourself

“Hello, my name is Karan, I am a first-year Aerospace Engineering student from a diverse country called, India. Since my childhood, my goal and interests were to become a pilot. I have dreamt of becoming a pilot for Boeing777, and I hope to work hard and achieve my goal.” 

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How did you hear about Ryerson University? 

“I heard about Ryerson University through Google and my family members in Canada. I was looking for reputable universities in Ontario to pursue Aerospace Engineering.” 

Why did you decide to come to Ryerson? Why did you decide to study Aerospace Engineering? 

“Ryerson has one of the best teaching faculties for Aerospace Engineering in Canada. I did extensive research through the Ryerson website, and I realized the school is a top-notch university with excellent teaching facilities. As I told you before, becoming a pilot is my ambition and before going directly through the pilot program I wanted to earn an engineering degree [first] and then pursue becoming a pilot.” 

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As you’ve never been to Toronto before (and are now learning online), how did you make your decision to come to Ryerson? Did you do anything specific to make your decision?

“Canada is a well-versed country and a beautiful place to study. Canada is the first country many think of when thinking about studying abroad. Likewise, I came to love Canada by looking on YouTube and checking out what Toronto had to offer. Toronto is one of the most diverse places in the world and I wanted to be a part of that. As well, I wanted to study in a well-reputed university and lucky me I found the best pair. I also needed my parents’ approval for studying abroad and then, I needed to think about my finances to support my studies. It isn’t easy to afford higher education fees, it needed a lot of thinking.”

What is your favourite part of the program? 

“My favourite part of my program right now is the CEN100 projects and labs. I enjoy working with a group of people, discussing and completing projects. Shortly, I am looking forward to many opportunities to work with people and complete the tasks assigned. Especially the capstone project.”

What is your favourite course so far this semester? 

“All my classes are my favourite but the courses I like the most are the math courses, the MTH140 and MTH141 specifically. I have loved math courses for a long time, I enjoy playing with numbers and solving problems as it is very interesting for me. Math is a raw subject on which many other subjects are dependent on.”

Were you excited about starting a new chapter of your life at Ryerson? 

“Yes, I was excited about starting a new chapter of my life at Ryerson. Above that, studying in a whole new country is exciting. Looking forward to an exciting four years of my life here.”

What is it like being an international student as school is online? 

“Being an international student is not as bad as some may think while online, but the only concerning thing is the time difference. The time difference between Canada and India is about 10 hours which means all my classes begin in the evening and end early morning the next day. Other than that, being an international student online is good.” 

What does your work set up look like? 

“My workspace is very simple. I use my computer table to do my studying. I made up a bookshelf to keep all my notes, textbooks and other items together.” 

Desk setup of a international student

How have you managed to stay motivated during this semester? 

“I try my best to focus on studying and when I get tired I play games, listen to music or talk to my friends and family. It’s hard because it’s online classes and I’m at my house, many things distract me such as my TV or too much noise in my surroundings. I tried new things like isolating myself during classes and going to a nearby park and doing my homework while enjoying nature.” 

What is your dream job or goal after graduation? What do you hope to achieve during your years at Ryerson? 

“My dream job is to become a pilot of a Boeing 777 airplane. To achieve my goal, I need the bases for it, which I hope to get from Ryerson. I am looking to have a firm foundation of skills that will help me achieve my goal while getting a degree. I would also like to get involved in building my network and interacting with more people.” 

For when the time comes, how excited are you to come to Toronto and be on campus? Is there anything specific you would like to do? 

“I am very much excited about coming to Toronto and getting to have in-person classes. I hope that the pandemic comes to an end and everything goes back to normal. Canada is one of my dream places that I would love to visit and continue my education.” 

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