A Wrap Up On My Year

Konnichiwa everyone 🙂 It is Maho again.

It is hard to believe that my first year at Ryerson is over! To mark this end of this school year, I’ve decided to reflect on my experience here at Ryerson and share what I’ve learned from it.

Time Management

Since the last time I updated you on my life, I kept myself busy with school work, dance practice and my personal life outside the school. I also started working part-time, which made me learn the importance of time management. I found it very easy to get stressed out by having too much on your plate. When I started to work shifts on weekends, it was crucial to prioritize things that need to be done. I tried to plan for the next week ahead of time, and make a list of things that needed to be done within that week. I’d then number them based priority. As simple as it sounds it really works the best for me.


I am grateful for the connections I made in the Creative Industries program throughout the year. The program is full of talent, which definitely showed at the end-of-year showcase that happened during the last week of the semester. It was a great opportunity for people, including myself, to present what they can do outside of the classroom. I was captivated by people’s creativity, and it really made me excited to work with them in the future. I learned that having connections in the program really helps motivate me.

In you’d like to check it out, I performed with two of my very talented friends at the showcase!


As mentioned in my last blog, being on the UHHU Ryerson dance team has been a significant part of my first year in university. I am extremely fortunate to be able to do what I love with people I can call my family. It has been my safe place as I adjust to the my new environment. Having dance practice three days a week while you are in school might be hectic sometimes however, I found the time of practicing very worthwhile since it refreshed my mind.

Your first year can be busy and challenging, but also be fulfilling when you take on as many opportunities as you can find. Don’t ever take a situation for granted and keep working hard!

Have a great summer everyone, and hopefully I’ll see you at Ryerson in September!


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