A Week in the Life of a Ryerson Student

When I asked you all what you wanted to hear about on my blog posts, a few of you said you wanted to hear about a day in the life of a student here at Ryerson. I thought that would be a really cool thing to document, and since I wasn’t really up to stalking another student for a full week, I decided to base it on my week!


Mondays… am I right? I woke up in Pitman Hall, one of the student residences on campus, where I have been living for two years! I went to the build-your-own yogurt parfait station and picked up my breakfast and headed to my office shift at the WhyRyerson offices (located in the library building on the main floor). There is a ridiculous amount of monitors at my work desk in the office! I then stopped off at the Hub Cafe, located on the first floor of Jorgenson Hall, for a tea from Tim Hortons. I headed back to Pitman for a quick lunch before my 3-hour lecture starting at 3 p.m.. My lecture is called Entrepreneurship in the Creative Industries and it is mandatory in second-year of Creative Industries. It’s basically introducing young creatives (like me!) to how to approach an entrepreneurial idea and make it into a business. It’s in the Cineplex Theatre and I always end up buying popcorn (whoops, not that good for me).


Tuesdays are pretty chill for me. I picked up my yogurt bowl from Pitman Hall and headed out to my 10 a.m. class, which is ENT 500, New Venture Startup. This class is part of my ‘Business Specialization’ as a Creative Industries student. Class ended at 1 p.m. and I headed back to Pitman Hall to meet with my Ryerson Residence Council group! As some of you know, I am Vice-President of Events with Ryerson Residence Council. We met and spoke about our year-end event, which will be a super fun club event near campus!


I have Wednesdays off. This allows me time to think about my life and time to well, drop a class! At least, that’s what I did this Wednesday. Dropping a class is dangerously easy. RAMSS, Ryerson Administrative Management Self Service, is our online academic playbook, basically. It makes dropping a class easier than dropping your books. I dropped an elective class because I was very confused with the class and didn’t want to waste my time on a class where I may get a bad mark! I intend to take an elective in place of the one I dropped online this summer.


Thursdays are my busy days. I woke up early to pick up breakfast from Pitman Hall cafeteria and then headed back upstairs to pack a lunch for the day. I had RTA 902, Social Media, from 12 p.m. until 3 p.m.. Social Media is one of my favourite classes I’ve ever taken. Hamza Khan, the professor, is an extremely intelligent teacher who actually makes you want to learn!

After this class, I had to run to take transit to The Jam Factory. I was headed there to meet my Fashion Event Planning class. This class is exactly how it sounds; you plan a fashion event with a $2,000 budget and actually go through with hosting it! The Jam Factory is the venue that has been supplied to us this year, it’s this beautiful, old, 20th-century building with original flooring! We all headed back to Kerr Hall for our lecture after the venue meeting.


Fridays are pretty barren. I have class from 1-2 p.m. in the afternoon, but that’s really it! I spent this Friday eating at Salad King (which Ryerson students get a 20% discount at during the week) and watching Breaking Bad. Oh, and homework, of course.

Hopefully, this gave you all a little insight into what a week looks like as a Ryerson University student! An especially lazy Ryerson University student… see you all soon!


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